My Southern Vegan Family

Hello, I’m Kelsey. I have always lived in the South, and I have been a vegan for 8 years. During this time, veganism has exploded and it has become so much easier to find vegan options! Grocery stores carry vegan cheese, cream cheese, sour cream, and even the VeganEgg! However, there are still many restaurants in the South that do not offer any decent plant-based options. My family has a small circle of restaurants that we frequent but most of our meals are made at home.

I decided to create this blog to share my family’s recipes with other vegans in the South (and around the world). My husband and I have decided to raise our son vegan also. He is almost 11 months old and he is at the top of his growth charts and incredibly smart, so we believe that we have made the right decision!pexels-photo-533360.jpeg

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