Polenta and Baked Beans

Yesterday’s baked beans recipe made a LOT. We had a big serving last night and again for lunch today, and plenty to freeze for the next time we get a craving for smoky beans!

Today Eric and I both had our long runs, so when we got home we were both so hungry. We wanted something quick and easy to make as well as filling. We had a tube of polenta in the fridge along with half of a container (about 6oz) of mushrooms, so we decided to have those with some baked beans. It was delicious and took less than 15 minutes to make!

I cooked the mushrooms in 2 tablespoons of olive oil. Then I sliced the polenta into 1/4 inch round slices and put it in the same pan with garlic and onion powder. I sautéed it until the polenta was soft and golden brown. We heated up the beans and mixed it all together. Protein, carbs, low fat, no cholesterol, and a lot of flavor!

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