Beyond Burger Mushroom Wrap

After our long run this morning, my family went to Montgomery, AL to shop for our son’s first birthday. While we were there, we had to visit Whole Foods! We got some baby snacks, a vegan cupcake, and of course our favorite veggie burger, the Beyond Meat Beyond Burger. We bought two packs of them…we have to stock up when we have the opportunity!

We had mushrooms, Daiya cheddar cheese, and some low carb-high fiber wraps in the fridge at home. I cooked two burgers in a skillet with cooking spray and sautéed the mushrooms with olive oil and balsamic vinegar. My husband and I each had two wraps with half of a burger, Daiya cheese, and mushrooms in each. It only took about 15 minutes to prepare which was perfect after a long day of running, driving, and shopping.

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